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Balochistan Human Right Watch: Urgent – Save the life of religious activists in Balochistan Iran

Balochistan Human Right Watch: Urgent – Save the life of religious activists in Balochistan Iran

In its continuous suppression of Baloch people 33 military vehicles full of Mersad armed forces (the special security force in Iran, active in Balochistan in particular for suppression purposes) attacked the village Nasirabad suited in district in Balochistan in Iran on Monday 16th June 2008.The aim of attack was to arrest Moulavai Abed Bahramzahi (the local Sunni religious cleric in the village). This incident was reported by Balochistan Human Right Watch (BHRW) on 18th June 2008,
The village people resisted against the attack. In the subsequent event many people were injured and some people were arrested. Three persons,
Abdoulbaset Vatankhah, Abdoulhalim Vatankhah and Khalilulrahman Bahramzahi were seriously injured and were hospitalized, later they were also taken into prison.
In addition to those injured more people were arrested, some are still in prison, amongst following five:
1- Abid Gowharmzhai son of Dr. Mohammad karim, residence of Nasser Abad.
2- Hafiz Salahoudin Gowhramzahi son of Moulevi Adul Karim, residence of Bandan.
3- Moulevi Khalil Zarai, residence of Iranshahr.
4- Moulevi Abdul Majid Salahzahi son of Haji Nawazkhan from Iranshahr
5- Oubid Zardkohi son of karim Bakhsh, residence of Zardkoh, Iranshar
Those arrested are still in prison, their relatives have not been allowed to visit them since the arrest. They are kept in the Zahedan Central prison which is named Nedamatgah by general public, meaning confession Centre.
In the 9th April 2008 two religious activists were hanged in Zahedan prison after they, under torture, confessed to activities against Iranian regime and were shown in the Iranian national TV, to order to be humiliated. Iranian regime blamed them as the supporter of armed resistance group with link to western countries. There were arrested, because a number of resistance group were hiding in the abandoned facilities near the premises of the school.
In the light of the latest mass hanging in Tehran and Zahedan in which among them there were three Baloch prisoners Sohrab kamal Zahi ,Abdul Reza Shabakhsh and Hamid Amri , there is a strong fear that people arrested in the Nasser Abad will meet the same faite if Iranian regime is not pressured to release them or to give them a fair trial. These people were arrested for defending religious freedom and resisting against suppression of religious activists and students. This kind of action in Iran is treated as crime against the Iranian State, prisoner is deprived of a fair trail and is sentenced to death.
Therefore we in Balochistan Human Right Watch strongly fear for the life of these young Balochi people, in prison and would like to call international attention, the Amnesty International in particular, to our concern. Nevertheless we would like the international community to take the necessary and immediate action on this particular important matter.
Balochistan Human Right Watch / Radio Balochi FM - Sweden
Wensday, 30 July 2008

The copy of this letter is sent to all HR-organizations with which we usually correspond.
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