måndag 12 januari 2009

Subject: Memorandum to British Government to stop victimizing the Baloch human rights Activists.

KARACHI 20090109
The Consulate General
United Kingdom

Subject: Memorandum to British Government to stop victimizing the Baloch human rights Activists. And stop acting like a puppet in the hands of Pakistani Army dictators.
We on behalf of Baloch Nation bring into your attention the gross human rights violations in Baluchistan committed by the Pakistani security forces and Intelligence agencies. Since last 60 years of Pakistani occupation of Baloch Territory the Baloch Nation has gone through several military operations, aerial bombardment and mass murders by the Pakistani forces. Thousands of Baloch youths, political workers and students are still missing who were kidnapped by Pakistani intelligence agencies. Several hundred Baloch are massacred and their houses and villages are bombed and demolished.
Mr. Hyrbyair Marri and Faiz Baloch are human right activists who took the case of this large scale human rights violation on international front, organizing protests, mass mobilization of Baloch Diaspora living in Europe and human rights activists from across the globe. These activities and determination to unveil the crimes against humanity committed by Pakistani forces were not liked by Pakistani establishment and hence forth they made fabricated cases of terrorism against them. As a result your government, at the instructions of the Musharraf establishment and Inter Services Intelligence, apprehended, detained and humiliated both Mr. Hyrbyair Marri and Faiz Baloch. The British agencies are still busy in search of any evidence in order to fulfill the desires of the Pakistani establishment i.e. criminalize, victimize and neutralize, a force which is the voice for Baluchistan’s deprived, degraded, desperate and oppressed people.
We on behalf of Baloch Nation like to bring into your attention that the measure taken by British Government to appease the Pakistani authorities will yield counterproductive effects in long turn for the British interests in this region of the world. Pakistan’s intelligence agency’s role after the recent Mumbai attacks is quite evident and the evidences point out clearly that ISI was behind the Mumbai Carnage, and therefore we advise the British Government not to blindly follow and appease the terrorist Pakistani intelligence agencies.
The Baloch nation once again bring into your notice that even if we are enslaved today, our motherland is occupied and our people are deprived of the basic human rights, but one cannot undermine our will to fight for our rights of self-determination and independence. In near future when we will be in position to decide our destiny and be owner of our own fate than we will be in a position to decide our relationship with Britain accordingly.
We the Baloch nation demand to be treated equally by all dignified and sovereign states around the world on the basis of the mere fact that our true status has been overshadowed by Pakistan’s illegal occupation of our motherland. However it is not long till our status as a sovereign nation shall be reestablished. Therefore we on behalf of Baloch nation ask your nation to stop appeasing the Pakistani agencies and respect Baloch nation as an equal Nation to British’s.

Baloch Nation.

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