måndag 30 juni 2008

Balochistan Human Right Watch: Urgent – Life of several young Balochis, recently arrested in Iran, seriously in danger

Balochistan Human Right Watch: Urgent – Life of several young Balochis, recently arrested in Iran, seriously in danger

Following the reports from the reporters of Balochistan Human Right Watch, 33 military vehicles full of Mersad armed forces (the special security force in Iran, active in Balochistan in particular for suppression purpose) attacked the village Nasirabad suited in Sarbaz city of Balochistan in Iran Monday 16 June 2008. The aim of attack was to arrest Moulavai Abed Bahramzahi (the local sunni religious clerk in the village).

The security forces were not able to catch Moulavi Abed Bahramzahi, since he was not present in the village. Therefore the security forces, consequently, attempt to arrest the son of Moulavi Abed Bahramzahi. This act was though met by resistance of people in the village. The security forces, heavily armed, attacked, beat and shot at the unarmed innocent people. The attack resulted in the sever casualty of 6 persons who were transferred to the Khatam-ul-Anbia Hospital in Iranshahr city of Balochistan. Among them 3 following persons who more severely were injured underwent surgery operation:

1. Abdoulbaset Vatankhah
2. Abdoulhalim Vatankhah
3. Khalilulrahman Bahramzahi

The last 3 persons were transferred to the jail, and there is no further information on their fate yet. Furthermore, Abdoulbaset Vatankhah, was transferred to the jail Wednesday 18 June 2008, after being removed to ICU room beyond the surgery operation. He was beaten and physically abused severely just before transferring to the jail which resulted in internal bleeding.
At the very same day, where Mersad security forces attacked Nasirabad village, the forces attacked another village Rasoolabab, suited in the suburb of Iranshar city, as well as the religious sunni school in the village Mohammadabad (near Bampur and Iranshahr) where they physically abused several persons and arrested 20. There is no any information either about the fate of arrested persons yet.

Some of official news agencies (1)in Iran have confirmed the arrestation of mentioned persons and linked them to Jondullah group.

As informed, the Islamic republic of Iran has already killed and still killing hundreds / thousands of young Baloch with false allegations such as participation in drug handling processes and / or participation in armed groups. As informed also, the accused persons have been killed with no any right for justice defense against the false allegations. When it is not possible for the regime to take such allegations in use, it does not hesitate to claim the Baloch are politically active against the regime.

Therefore we in Balochistan Human Right Watch strongly fear for the life of these young balochis, arrested recently and would like to call international attention, the Amnesty International in particular, to our concern. Nevertheless we would like the international community to take the necessary immediate action on this particular important matter.

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  1. You will turn Iran into another Afghanistan, if allowed. There have been more than 3000 border guardsmen and army personnel killed in the past 30 years by the Baloch drug traffickers. That's more than 100 a year. Heroin is cheaper in Iran than cigarettes. You keep kidnapping foreign tourists. There is no security in that corner of the country. What are the authorities supposed to do? It's a bad situation. But you have a responsibility in this. The government has been trying to build up the province. But you can't just sit back and say unless somebody brings us good jobs we will continue to traffic narcotics. There will be no progress unless unless there is security first.