torsdag 12 juni 2008

Warning against breaking human rights concerning imprisonment of Gholam Haidar Raisani Baloch in Quetta’s Jail

Warning against breaking human rights concerning imprisonment of Gholam Haidar Raisani Baloch in Quetta’s Jail
Following the reports from the reporters of Balochistan Human Rights Watch, Gholam Haidar Raisani Baloch who is in custody in Quetta’s Jail, has been undergone the strongest security control by constant surveillance and close guard by two policemen. The surveillance has been enhanced furthermore since his extradition to Islamic republic of Iran was ordered.
Gholam Haidar suffers by heart desease, and his family was permitted to provide him appropriate low-fat food, his health situation taken in account, before his extradition to Iran was ordered. But right after the extradtion order, nothing is allowed any longer, nor any direct contact to family member, besides the mobile contact which though is allowed seldom.
It is said that he is held as prisoner under the most horrible and fatal condition. Furthermore, he is threatened by some of other prisoners as well. Because of his current psychological condition, his physical state is getting worse and worse, and simply because any contact to a physician is not allowed, his family is strongly concerned, precicely because of the heart desease historic by which he suffers.
Both his elderly mother and his wife have stated several times via their press conferences that if Pakistan’s authorities send Gholam Haidar to Iran, they will burn themselves. His mother is at the time beeing at the hospital.
His mother, his wife and many other political activists have warned the government of Pakistan strongly against extradition of Gholam Haidar.
Therefore we in Balochistan Human Right Watch fear for the life of Gholam Haidar Baloch and would like to call the attenstion of government in Pakistan
to act in a way in this particular case that Gholam Haidar ( a father of 3 minor children) won’t meet an unpleasent fate.

Balochistan Human Right Watch / Radio Balochi FM - Sweden
Tuesday, 02 June 2008

لينکهاي مرتبط
هشدار نسبت به نقض حقوق بشر پيرامون نحوه حبس و نگهداري غلام حيدر رئيساني بلوچ در زندان کويته
Take the necessary urgent action on prohibiting the extradition of a young pakistani-baloch to Iran
فوري: از استرداد يک جوان بلوچ پاکستاني به ايران جلوگيري کنيد
صفحه خبرهای حقوق بشر بلوچ
Baloch Rights Watch News

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