lördag 11 april 2009

Annoncement: Balochistan Human Rights Activists Association (BHRAA)

Annoncement: Balochistan Human Rights Activists Association (BHRAA)
It is hereby to inform that ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Watch’’ has changed its name to ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Activists Association"(BHRAA) Tuesday 24.02.2009.
Since the previous name of our group and the name of well-established and honourable international organization of ‘’Human Rights Watch’’ have shown to be hardly distinguishable, we decided to change the name of our group to the new name ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Activists Association"(BHRAA) .
The change will have retrospective effect which means that all previous publications orginated from our group will be changed, as regards the old name, in consistency with the current decision.

Balochistan Human Rights Activists Association(BHRAA)
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