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Balochistan Human Rights Activists Association(BHRAA): Death penalty and 22 years of imprisonment against several sunni clerks in holy orders in Balo

Balochistan Human Rights Activists Association(BHRAA): Death penalty and 22 years of imprisonment against several sunni clerks in holy orders in Balochistan.

According to the report conducted by activists from ‘’BHRAA’’, two following sunni baloch clerks in holy orders

1. Hafez Salahudin Gvahramzahi (Bahramzahi), from Bandan, son of Maulavi Abdulkarim,
2. Maulavi Khalil Ahmad Zardkouhi, from Iranshahr
Were sentenced to death penalty in Zahedan city of Balochistan. They had been arrested in connection with mass arrestation in Nasir abad, Rasul abad and Bampour’s Mohammad abad villages [1-2].
Three other persons were sentenced to 22 years of imprisonment, as follows
3. Maulavi Abdulmajid Salahzahi, from Iranshahr city, son of Haji Navaz Khan.
4. Maulavi Abed Gvahramzahi (Bahramzahi), from Sarbaz’ Nasir abad, son of Mohammad Karim
5. Obaid Zardkouhi, from Zardkouh – Iranshahr, son of Karimbakhsh

All 5 mentioned persons were accused to be part of ‘’Jundullah group’’.

Backgrund description of when and how they were arrested:
33 military vehicles full of Mersad armed forces (the special security force in Iran, active in Balochistan in particular for suppression purpose) attacked the village Nasirabad suited in Sarbaz city of Balochistan in Iran Monday 16 June 2008. The aim of attack was to arrest Moulavai Abed Bahramzahi (the local sunni religious clerk in the village).
The security forces were not able to catch Moulavi Abed Bahramzahi, since he was not present in the village. Therefore the security forces, consequently, attempt to arrest the son of Moulavi Abed Bahramzahi. This act was though met by resistance of people in the village. The security forces, heavily armed, attacked, beat and shot at the unarmed innocent people. The attack resulted in the sever casualty of 6 persons who were transferred to the Khatam-ul-Anbia Hospital in Iranshahr city of Balochistan. Among them 3 following persons who more severely were injured underwent surgery operation:

1. Abdoulbaset Vatankhah
2. Abdoulhalim Vatankhah
3. Khalilulrahman Bahramzahi

The last 3 persons were transferred to the jail, and there is no further information on their fate yet. Furthermore, Abdoulbaset Vatankhah, was transferred to the jail Wednesday 18 June 2008, after being removed to ICU room beyond the surgery operation. He was beaten and physically abused severely just before transferring to the jail which resulted in internal bleeding.
At the very same day, where Mersad security forces attacked Nasirabad village, the forces attacked another village Rasul abad, suited in the suburb of Iranshar city, as well as the religious sunni school in the village Mohammad abad (near Bampur and Iranshahr) where they arrested arrested tens of people, including Maulavi Khalil Ahmad Zardkouhi, Maulavi Abdulmajid Salahzahi and Obaid Zardkouhi. Followingly, some of pro-regime news agencies [3] have reported the number of detainees inconsistently, though they were mentioned as member of ‘’Jundullah group’’.

Balochistan Human Rights Activists Association / Radio Balochi FM

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