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Report on Political Prisoners Sentenced to Death in Baluchistan

Report on Political Prisoners Sentenced to Death in Baluchistan
By IHRV January 14, 2010
The identities of six of political prisoners sentenced to death in the province Baluchistan have been announced by the Coalition of Human Rights Activists in this province.
There is no accurate information on the number and identities of the tens of Baluchi political prisoners in southeastern Iran. As a result of the tight grip maintained by Intelligence services on this region and the absence of civil rights institutions, this region is among a number of areas which is suffering from a lack of surveillance by human rights organizations.
There are no accurate statistics on the number of political prisoners who have been sentenced to die or are in the verge of being sentenced in this part of the country, but according to available information and claims made by authorities, a large number of prisoners charged with political- or intelligence-related offenses in this region have been sentenced to death.
The identities of six political prisoners who are sentenced to die are as follows:1. Abdulrahman Narouei, son of Khaleghdad2. Abeh-Gahram Zehi3. Abdulhamid Riggi, son of Azad Riggi4. Abduljalil Riggi, son of Jan-Mohammad5. Naser Shah-Bakhsh6. Mahmoud Riggi, son of Nazar
Most of the individuals stated above are being held in a detention center managed by the Ministry of Intelligence in the city of Zahedan, and the accused are being denied basic rights such as visitations with their family members and the right to hire a lawyer. The conditions of political prisoners in Baluchistan, in the absence of a civil rights movement and human rights advocates, are bleak.

Source: Harana

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