tisdag 17 augusti 2010

The Iranian regime sentenced 12 balochs to death

The Iranian regime sentenced 12 balochs to death
Ibrahim Hamidi[1] has announced to the regime's news agencies that 12 balocher have sentenced to death(excution) and will be executed at the end of this week.
According to our last two reports [2-3] , the names of two of these persons are ,
1- Molawi Abed Gwahramzahi (molawi= a sunni clerk) and 2 -Abdol Hamid Rigi

and the names and data on the other (10 persons) are not known yet.

You can find more information about them on our last three reports [2-4] , and please take the necessary action for saving the life of these persons!

Balochistan Human Rights Activists Association / Radio Balochi FM
[1] http://www.tabnak.ir/fa/pages/?cid=54987[2] http://www.radiobalochi.org/BH_Rights/BHRAA_taghirWaEhtemalehEdameMolawiAbed090702.html[3] http://www.radiobalochi.org/BH_Rights/BHRAA_13JawanRaAzKhatareEdamNejatDahid090701.html[4] http://www.radiobalochi.org/BH_Rights/BHRW_HokmehEdame2nafarDigar_eng090208.html

توضيح: اين نامه به "آمنستي اينترنشنال "و ديگر سازمانهاي حقوق بشري از طرف راديو فرستاده شده است

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