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The serial killer of 20 Baluch women was captured in Iran

The serial killer of 20 Baluch women was captured in Iran
By Reza Hossein Borr
London, 17 April 08--The serial killer of 20 Baluch women was captured in Zahedan, Balochistan, Iran on 16 April 08. The killer was captured after he used his taxi to pick up three Baluch women from a hospital. The three women, one old and two young, directed the taxi to go to the address they had given him but suddenly he diverted his course and when the women protested, he began beating the old woman that was sitting in the front seat. The two young women who were sitting on the rear seats took off their headscarves and grabbed the man from behind.
The killer lost control of the car and the car began swirling and went off the road. At this stage, another car noticed the struggle inside the car and forced the taxi driver to stop. The women described the situation and driver of the new car and his companions captured the taxi driver and moved him to a safe place. The taxi driver confessed that he has already kidnapped 20 Baluch women and handed them to Iranian security guards. He also confessed that all these women were raped, tortured and killed by the security guards and their bodies were either left in plastic bags or buried in the desert.
Those who captured the serial killer recorded his confessions and they will be available on Internet very soon. The authorities in Baluchistan have approached the religious leaders and tribal chieftains of Baluchistan and demanded that the serial killer should be handed over to them. It seems that neither the Baluch religious leaders nor tribal chieftains have access to the Baluch who captured the killer. So far, the security forces have began to pressurize the leaders of the Baluch people to keep this matter quiet.
The killing of the Baluch women began about four months ago when three Baluch women disappeared after they took a taxi from a hospital to return home. They never returned home and their bodies were discovered few weeks later in plastic bags in the suburb of Zahedan city. Two Baloch women disappeared about four weeks ago and their bodies were found two weeks ago. There have been other cases that the Baluch women disappeared but nobody knew what happened to them. When the relatives of the victims approached the authorities they were told that they would look for them but so far no body has been discovered. It seems that the bodies of these women have been buried in in somewhere which is only known to the killers.
The disappearance of women in Baluchistan is a very new phenomenon. Women in Baluchistan are considered sacred and have never been hurt by anybody. They have never been arrested, kidnapped or killed. The Baluch women are not involved in politics and therefore, arresting, raping or kidnapping them is the most dangerous violation of Baluch code of conduct and code of honour. When rarely such incidents have happened, they have caused long wars and considerable loss of life. Dad Shah, the legendary hero of Baluchistan, fought the Shah for 14 years when somebody pretended to be in his home alone with his wife.
Dad Shah found the pretender not in Baluchistan but in Oman and killed him. After that when he found out that there was a conspiracy to discredit him by his wife's misconduct, he began a war against the conspirators who were among top tribal leaders. Although his campaign was social but it turned political when he killed two Americans in the late Fifties. Today Dad Shah has found a prominent place in the history of Baluchistan. Many books have been written about him. Few films have been made demonstrating his bravery. He is a legend now and the subject of many epics.
When the women were announced liberated during the Shah and their hijabs and headscarves were removed by force all over Iran, the Shah's regime even could not dare thinking of doing the same thing in Baluchistan. Kidnapping of the Baluch women has not been just thinkable. The Islamic Republic of Iran is the first regime in the history of Baluch people that has ordered the kidnapping, raping and killing of Baluch women.
The consequences of violating the most sacred values of Baluch people would be very dangerous.
Reza Hossein Borr is a leadership consultant and the creator of 150 CDs and 14 Change management models. He is also the author of Manual Success, Manual of Coaching and Mentoring, Motivational Stories that Can Change Your Life, and a New Vision for the Islamic World. He can be contacted by email:
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