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Take the necessary action on preventing the possible execution of 2 balochi sunni holy clerks (Moulavi)

Take the necessary action on preventing the possible execution of 2 balochi sunni holy clerks (Moulavi)
Pictures shown below are captured from the Iranian islamic republic’s official television. The broadcast which was the part 1 of the documentary program, called “unsuccessful conspiracy”, was shown on Sunday 4th. April 2008 at 20:20. The purpose of documentary program was to show that these balochi sunni holy clerks were confessing to shrift. The second part of documentary programe was annonced to be shown the following day from the same TV chanel.

Moulavi Mohammad yousof Sohrabi and moulavi Abdoulghodus Mollazahi had been arrested under Chah-jamal incidence which took place in Chah-jamal, Iransharh city of Balochistan in Iran, december 2007. During the mentioned incidence, besides 11 other persons, they were arrested by the security force of iranian islamic republic. The two balochi sunni clerks were, following report published and received recently, convicted to death.

The authorities in iranian islamic republic reported on 22 jan 2008 that the legal proceeding of 6 arrested balochis, including moulavi Mohammad yousof Sohrabi and moulavi Abdoulghodus Mollazahi, was conducted. Following the same official report, it was annonced furthermore that there has been a well-documented and strong link between the arrested individuals and the Jondullah group. The current broadcast should now after 3 monthes be an attempt to document the link by showing the confession on ‘’unsuccessful conspiracy’’.

Therefore, it is our belief that the regime, by publishing the current documentary, attempts to prepare the way for legalize possible death sentence agianst the two balochi sunni holy clerks. It is worth mentioning that the documentary program contained statements from the fathers of young persons who were killed by “Mehdi security gurad” during the Chah-jamal insidence. Mehdi security gurad is the covered security group of official security force of iranian islamic republic which operates in Balochistan.

The situation in Iranshahr city has been reported as extremely unusual and unrest after publishing the current documentary broadcast. Iranshar is the city in which the religious sunni school, where the two holy clerks were working as professor and teacher, is situated. People express, in general, their abhorrence of what the regime has conducted by forcing the holy clerks to confess.

It has to be mentioned that the majority of arrested persons during Chah-jamal insidence, as well as more than 9 persons who were killed, were “normal and ordinary” people with no link to Jondulla-group, as the regime has claimed, Among the killed people there were 2 women.

The situation will, most likely, end as it did in Iranshahr city 20 years ago, where thousands of young balochis came out in the streets and particpated in a fight against the regime. The same happened as well when regime had insulted a very prominent balochi sunni holy clerk (moulavi Nazar Mohammad Didgah (1) )who also was the elected parliamentary member. The same

We would like to express our strong concern for the life of the 2 balochi sunni holy clerks and would like to call internatioan attention, the Amnesty Internation in particular, to our concern. Nevertheless we would like the international community to take the necessary immediate action on this particular imprtant matter.

Thanking you in advance

Yours sincerely

Balochistan Human Rights Watch-Sweden/Radio Balochi FM



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