onsdag 30 april 2008

Take the necessary urgent action on saving the lives of 4 young Baloch from Iranshahr – Balochistan

Following the reporters in Balochistan who closely work with "Balochistan Human Right watch", the Iranian Islamic Republic’s security forces have arrested following 4 young Baloch in Iransharh, namely the area of Sardaragan in Iranshahr:

1. Abdoullah Kalkali son of Din Mohammad, 25 year old, well digger
2. Eshagh (Isaq) Kalkali son of Din Mohammad, 27 year old, well digger
3. Amin Damani son of Sharif, 23 year old, well digger
4. Taj Mohammad Kalkali, son of Nezar, 23 year old, farm worker

The mentioned 4 young Baloch were arrested approximately 10-12 days ago, and transferred to an unknown detension address. Abdoullah, Eshagh and Amin were arrested while they were on their job, and Taj Mohammad in his home address.

Eshagh had recently returned from a religious journey from Pakistan. It is a well-known and common religious missionary journey among Sunni muslims. His journey had lasted in 4 months. Eshagh was arrested few days after he came back from the journey.

All attempts from involved families due to get any kind of logical argumentation from the authorities have not resulted positively, and the only official message is pointing out that their sons have been involved in armed activities against the regime, and they have a strong link to Jondollah group. Furthermore, it has been announced that Eshagh has had a meeting with Abdoulmalik Rigi while he was in Pakistan under his religious missionary journey. Abdoulmalik Rigi is the leader of Jondollah group.

Din Mohammad, the father of Abdoullah and Eshagh was already suffering by a heart desease, and he passed away one week after the arrest of his two sons, by a heart attack that undoubtedly was initiated by the fact that the security gurads had arrested the sons.

All related families are under the strongest control and psychological pressure, and of course nobody can direct any question concerning their sons, simply because all are fearing for their own lives as well. All close relatives are so worried about their own destiny that they even have cut any link to the involved families.

As informed, the Islamic republic of Iran has already killed and still killing hundreds / thousands of young Baloch with false allegations such as participation in drug handling processes and / or participation in armed groups. As informed also, the acused persons have been killed with no any right for justice defence against the false allegations. When it is not possible for the regime to take such allegations in use, it does not hesitate to claim the Baloch are politically active agains the regime.

Therefore we in "Balochistan Human Right Watch" fear for the lives of all these 4 young Baloch and would like to call international attention, the Amnesty International in particular, to our concern. Nevertheless we would like the international community to take the necessary immediate action on this particular imprtant matter.

Thanking you in advance

Yours sincerely,

Balochistan Human Right Watch / Radio Balochi FM - Sweden
Tuesday, 29 April 2008

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