fredag 30 maj 2008

1,100 Baloch still missing: Akhtar Mengal

1,100 Baloch still missing: Akhtar Mengal

By our correspondent 29 May 2008

KARACHI — Baloch nationalist leader Akhtar Mengal has said that 1,100 people belonging to various regions of Balochistan are still missing and no one knew about their whereabouts except intelligence agencies.
Talking to a TV channel, the former Balochistan chief minister claimed that those missing included people as young as four years of age and as elderly as 70.
Mengal who is recently released after being interned for more than a year on what he said were trumped up charges, also claimed that there were hundred more who are untraceable.
About his arrest by the authorities Mengal said authorities seldom gave reasons for arrest or allowed victim’s family to move court against the detention because there was one law for the rulers and usurpers and a different one for those who try to raise their voice against injustice, corruption and nepotism.
The Balochi leader said releasing few people Including himself would not resolve the issue unless all people held by the previous repressive regime were freed and all false charges against them withdrawn.
He scoffed at the proposal of All Parties Conference mooted by the present government and said that none of the former governments were ever serious about ‘Balochistan problems.
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