torsdag 15 maj 2008

Take the necessary urgent action on prohibiting the extradition of a young pakistani-baloch to Iran


Take the necessary urgent action on prohibiting the extradition of a young pakistani-baloch to Iran

Following the reports from Balochistan Human Rights Watch (BHRW), a young pakistani nationality holder baloch is beeing extradited by Pakistani government to Islamic republic of Iran.
This young baloch, Gholam Haidar Baloch – son of Khodabaksh born in 1979, who originates from a area near by Quetta, has already been sentenced to imprisonment in Pakistan, where he has been in custody for approximately one year, and where he was claimed to carry unauthorized arms.
At the present he is in custody in Quetta’s central jail in order to be extradited to Iran. Despite the fact that the court sentenced to imprisonment him in January 2008, and despite the fact that Gholam Haidar has already spent 5 monthes of the imprisonment, the new Pakistani minister of the interior has changed the sentence and has decided to extradit him. His parents, family and 3 children are strongly worried about the fate he is going to meet, if the Pakistani authorities extradit him to Iran.
Islamic regime in Iran claims that several of its opponents live in Pakistan, and Gholam Haidar is one of the opponents. But the fact is that there are plenty of persons (friends, teachers, neighbours) who have known him since he was a child, and therefore Iran’s claims that he is an Iranian national is completely baseless, and therefore the Pakistani government has no legal and moral authority to transfer this young baloch to Iran, as he is transferred to Iran he will be tortured and forced into false confessions. It has to emphasized that his parents and his own family members are all holder of pakistani national, and hold all pakistani aquired documents incl. ID-card, driving liscence, school documents, passport etc.
As informed, the Islamic republic of Iran has already killed and still killing hundreds / thousands of young Baloch with false allegations such as participation in drug handling processes and / or participation in armed groups. As informed also, the acused persons have been killed with no any right for justice defence against the false allegations. When it is not possible for the regime to take such allegations in use, it does not hesitate to claim the Baloch are politically active agains the regime.
Therefore we in Balochistan Human Right Watch fear for the life of Gholam Haidar Baloch and would like to call international attention, the Amnesty International in particular, to our concern. Nevertheless we would like the international community to take the necessary immediate action on this particular important matter.
Thanking you in advance
Yours sincerely

Balochistan Human Right Watch / Radio Balochi FM - Sweden
Tuesday, 15 May 2008
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