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Balochistan Human Rights Watch: The arrest of two other Baloch by Iranian regime in connection with publishing of movie concerning the destruction of

Balochistan Human Rights Watch: The arrest of two other Baloch by Iranian regime in connection with publishing of movie concerning the destruction of ‘’Abu Hanifa Sunni religious school ‘’ in Azimabad – Zabul.

According the reporters of Balochistan Human Rights Watch, Malek Gamshadzahi, the head of ‘’Mega Rayaneh Computer company’’ was arrested while ago at his work in Zahedan by Iranian Islamic regime’s security forces, and transferred to a yet unknown place.

The mentioned company works with providing support and service within hardware as well as software and professional publishment and copy.

The head of ‘’Baloch Rayaneh Hirmand’’ computer company was arrested while ago as well. This company is suied on the triangle of Omar Khayam Street in Zahyedan.

In connection with the arrest of mentioned persons, the security forces confiscated all computer systems in these two companies.

Relatives of them have attempted vainly to find out about their destiny. As it is said, they have been arrested as other young baloch (1) have been in the last one month in connection with the publishing of an authentic movie showing the destruction of Abu Hanifah sunni religios school in Azim abad (2)in Zabul.

The vice deputy head of county in political and social affairs in Sistan and Balochestan, Mohammad Zadeh Farahani, (3) called the movie of destruction of Abu Halinaf School, and as well the photographs and images reported in the internet as beeing false and fictious. In addition, in his opinion, there are some elements and agents who purposely want to make these fictions to make conflicts, specially by pulishing false images and photographs showing holy Qoran disrespected, and he promised that persons who produce the false documents will be punished.

We in ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Watch’’ condemn the statements from Mohammad Zadeh Farahani, in which he only has one clear purpose, and his aim is to ignore any call from baloch people who just innocently want to be treated equally and fairly concerning their religious belief. Mohammad Zadeh Farahani follows only one clear path, and it is to legalize the regime’s failures and to pave the way for legalizing the arrestations.

We in ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Watch’’ are convinced that once again the regime wants to cover the real background for the arrastations in Balochistan and therefore we are deeply concerned about the fate and the life of mentioned arrestants. We draw the attention of all freedom fighter/seeker individuals and organisations, the Amnesty International in particular to an urgent call for saving the life of these innocent persons.

Balochistan Human Rights Watch / Radio Balochi FM
لينکهاي مرتبط م
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