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Balochistan Human Rights Watch: Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime bombing villages around Zahedan.

Balochistan Human Rights Watch: Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime bombing villages around Zahedan.

According to reports from the local sources (1-2) in Balochistan, the iranian regime’s air force started, from early morning of Monday 13th october, bombing intensively the villages around Zahedan and mountainous region 130 km far from Zahedan.

Based on investigations carried out by local inhabitants living in the mentioned region, and with whom ‘’Najibullah Naroui’’ a member of “Balochistan Human Rights Watch” (BHRW) has been in contact, the military forces of regime had, on Saturday 11th october, an intensive gun clash in ‘’Dumag’’ area with armed group of “People's Resistance Movement of Iran “(Jundullah). After several hours of battle, the iranian air force took over the task which resulted in the current intensive bombing.

In addition, the local inhabitants tell that the iranian military forces inclusive the air force, had executed similar bombing procedure against the same region in june 2006 which forced people to move and run for their lives. Consequently, the number of inhabitants in the region was reduced to approximately 6000. However, the current bombing is much more intensive than the similar which took place 2 years ago. The region in question is beeing bombed entirely and widely, and it includes ‘’Dumag’’, ‘’Kourein’’, ‘’Shouro’’, ‘’Galugah’’ and even ‘’Gourog’’ which is nearby the Bam City of Kerman Pronice. The air force utilizes utmost heavy arms, arsenal and helicopters. People are really frightened to death, because the regime might use chemical weapon, as it happened during the presidental period of Hashemi Rafsenjani. The concrete result now is that many people have fled the area which persumably is the real aim and target of iranian regime.

Though there has not been reported the acutal number of killed, injured or an estimation of material damages, we already know that the whole region is under serious danger. This region is considered as the most fertile agricaltural area of Balochistan, particularly for the pistachio plantation. However, the regime not only has performed any support and help for the development of the agriculcural activities in this region, but also actively bombs the plantations which have been developed and maintained purely by the means of inhabitants.

BHRW, strongly, condemns this barbaric act, and calls for immediate and inconditional stop for bombing the region.

Isna, the regime’s official news agency (3) reported the episode as cleaning and cleansing of Zahedan city and Zahedan territory. On the contrary we in BHRW are convinced that this act is a part of hidden target and aim of regime which intentionally and forcibly plans to relocate Baloch people from their own land.

Balochistan Human Rights Watch /Radio Balochi FM


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