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Balochistan Human Rights Watch: The ‘’Mersad’’ miltary force killed a pakistani citizen Baloch in a border city of Balochistan in Pakistan during a

Balochistan Human Rights Watch: The ‘’Mersad’’ miltary force killed a pakistani citizen Baloch in a border city of Balochistan in Pakistan during a terroristic act.

According to reports from the activists belonging to ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Watch’’, the Islamic republic of Iran’s ‘’Mersad’’ military force (5 toyota with more than 40 militants) crossed the pakistani border Friday 10th October and stopped several cars and persons in the ‘’Kothegan’’ area .

Involving people tried to maintain their calmness however, and asked the militants about the background of their hostile act, but in vain.

One of involving persons contacted, accordingly, a head leader (Mulla salim Sorkizahi, 55 year old) in the area and let him know what was happeing. Mulla Sorkizahi, son of Din Mohammad, emerges immediately and asks the ‘’Mersad’’ militants peacefully for any explanation. The reply was only that he rather should mind his own business since they were within iranian territory, and afterwards the ‘’Mersad’’ militants asked people to leave the area at once. This resulted in producing huge anger for the people standing at the place of event. Meanwhile, a quarell began to take place between Mulla Salim and the militants, and he was arrested in order to be transferred to Iran. People resisted the decision, and the militants opened the gun fire on Mulla Salim, and Mulla Salim was killed.

People reacted against this unhuman act committed by the ‘’Mersad’’ militants, but the military forces took the dead body of Mulla Salim and left the authentic scene. Afterwards the defenceless people contacted the police station in Panjgour city of Pakistan, but the police forces chose not to interfere, referring to the lack of authorisation.

According to declaration from ‘’Zohur Bolaidai’’, a Balochistan local parliament member in Pakistan, the dead body of Mulla Salim was delivered from the hospital in Sarawan – Shastoon in Balochistan – Iran to his relatives, after an intensive request from Pakistani authorities. The body of Mulla Salim was buried at 22 o’clock Sundayday 12th October in the cemetry of ‘’Kothegan’’.

We in ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Watch’’, strongly, condemn this barbaric terroristic act committed by ‘’Mersad’’ militants, and request Pakistani authourities for a real investigation about this episode, and ask them to prevent iranian military forces to continue committing crimes against defenceless Baloch people.
It is worth mentioning that ‘’Kothegan’’ is suited in Pakistani territory 40 km from iranian broder.

Balochistan Human Rights Watch /Radio Balochi FM
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