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Balochistan Human Rights Watch: Kidnapping of a Baloch from ‘’Shahbakhsh’’ tribe in Zahedan in front of his home by the civil dressed ‘’Security’’ fo

Balochistan Human Rights Watch: Kidnapping of a Baloch from ‘’Shahbakhsh’’ tribe in Zahedan in front of his home by the civil dressed ‘’Security’’ force of Iranian regime.

According to reports from the activists belonging to ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Watch’’, the civil dressed ‘’security’’ force of Islamic republic of Iran in Zahedan kidnapped Haji Mohammad Nour Shahbakhsh (son of Halim) belonging to ‘’ShahBakhsh’’ tribe, Sunday 12th october 2008 in front of his home and moved him to yet unknown place.

Haji Mohammad Nour worked as driver for living and his physical state was in bad shape, namely because of illness and owing to age.

His family has, in vain, made several attempts to find out about the reason why he was kidnapped, and where he has been moved to.

The ‘’Shahbakhsh’’ tribe is one of largest tribes in Balochistan, and the members of the tribe, like other tribes in general in Balochistan, have particulary during the last several years been subjected to a tremendous suppression by the Iranian Islamic Regime.

The ‘’Shabakhsh’’ Tribe members live generally in the south eastern part of Zahedan region, in particular in Shoureh, Dumag, Kourein, Cheshmeh, Gourband, Rud Mahi and Falibid. The land in mentioned areas is tremendously good and suitable for pistachio and the like.

Since the take over of power by Iranian Islamic Regime, the south eastern area in Zahedan region has been subjected to destruction, mining, killing of innocent people, killing of animal husbandry etc due to what the regime officially calls as cleaning up the region with regard to improvement of security level. The military operations carried out by the regime in this area have resulted in enforced relocation of large number of the tribe members to else where.

The ‘’Shahbaksh’’ tribe members are on daily basis subjected to discrimination by different governmental organisations and institutes even because of having ‘’Shahbakh’’ as their surname. The descrimination is occurred almost all over when they make an application to registration of a property, to getting ID cards, to enrolling educational systems or to applying for jobs. They are frequently stopped and subjected to frisk at military checkponits between the cities when they are on journey. In the wake of all mentioned distinct descrimination policy, many ‘’Shahbakhsh’’ tribe members have been enforced to change their surname in order to achieve common possibilites at governmental steered institutes like educational system, job market etc.

Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the regime has already killed a large number among the ‘’Shahbakhsh’’ tribe members, and the regime still holds hundreds of young members of the tribe in custody. None of the imprisoned persons has any right to accessing a fair trail, nor to any lawyer.

We in ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Watch’’, strongly, condemn the systematic discrimination of ‘’Shahbakhsh’’ tribe generally imposed by the regime of Iran and kidnapping of Mohammd Nour Shahbakhsh. Furthermore, we would like to draw all international human rights watch groups’ and the international society’s attention to this unhuman act committed by the regime. We urge you to call the remige for unconditional stop for further violation of human rights in Balochistan.

Balochistan Human Rights Watch / Radio Balochi FM
لينکهاي مرتبط
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