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Balochistan Human Rights Watch demands the release of Four Balochs

Balochistan Human Rights Watch demands the release of Four Balochs
who were kidnapped from Quetta & Chagi by Frontier Constablry (FC).
on 10th of August, 2008.

Balochistan Human Rights Watch (BHRW) vehemently condemns the unfinished arrests and kidnapping of Baloch civilians and demands Pakistani
establishment to bury their sentiments of bias, enmity, rascism towards Balochs.

BHRW deplores the recent arrest of four Balochs, who were arrested in
Quetta and Noushki. Mr. Hussain Ahmed Jamaldini, a patient suffering from
yellow disease while staying in "Agha Quetta Hotel" was arrested alongwith
his brother Mr. Abdul Baqi Jamaldini and cousin Mr. Rehmatullah Mengal
with their sole crime to be....Balochs because Balochs have no freedom of
movement in Balochistan. The fourth Baloch was arrested/kidnapped from
Noushki named Mr. Yahya Jamaldin, a teacher by profession.

BHRW, the relatives and friends of the disappeared persons are very anxious about their safety because many kidnapped persons, in past and in present, face extra-judicial executions and intense torture.

BHRW demands for the recover of the above persons and request that
they should be produced before a court of law as it is unacceptable to keep
them as incommunicado for about one month.

BHRW appeals to Human Rights Organisations, all over the world, and
UN Human Rights Watch, EU and U.S. State Department to take action for
the release of the above persons because the Pro-talibani Frontier Constablry
is bent upon to defame the present democratic government of Pakistan.

BHRW appeals to the Federal Government of Pakistan and the powerless
Provincial Government of Balochistan to double their efforts to release the
above four Bolochs from the illegal imprisonment of intelligence agencies of Pakistan.

Balochistan Human Rights Watch

لينکهاي مرتبط م
اسامي تعدادي از جوانان بلوچي که در دو سال اخير دستگير و در زندانهاي جمهوري اسلامي بسر ميبرند
A list of some of the arrested Baloch in Iran (Between 2006-2008)رتبط
اسامي تعدادي از اعدام و کشته شدگان بلوچ توسط نيروهاي انتظامي رژيم جمهوري اسلامي ايران....اينجا را کليک کنيد
A list of Baloch youth who killed by Iranian Regime in year 2005-2007 English)
صفحه خبرهای حقوق بشر بلوچ
Baloch Rights Watch News

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