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Balochistan Human Rights Watch: A report concerning recent mass- arrest in ‘’Shouro-Hajiabad and Gourog’’ villages in Zahedan – Balochistan - Iran.

Balochistan Human Rights Watch: A report concerning recent mass- arrest in ‘’Shouro-Hajiabad and Gourog’’ villages in Zahedan – Balochistan - Iran.

According to reports from the members of "Balochistan Human Rights Watch" (BHRW) a group of security forces from the iranian regime attacked the ‘’Shouro’’ village in Zahedan at the early morning hours of Tuesday 23 september 2008. Ataullah Shahbaksh (son of Wali Mohammad) was arrested during this attack and transferred to Zahedan.

To Balochistan Human Rights Watch’s knowledge, Ataullah lost his sight entirely 2 years ago ( 2006), because his eye was injured in connection with a mine explosion. Another person (Gholam Mohammad Shahbakhsh son of Yar Mohammad) was killed in the mentioned incident.

However, the family of Ataullah Shahbakhsh has not been able to find out, what has happened to him after his arrest, or where he is held as prisoner, despite serious attempts and efforts.

It must be mentioned that the ‘’Shouro’’ village and other surrounding villages are part of a nomenclature area where the largest part of this area has been subjected to the mine placement by the regime (1-2) , while many people have lost their lives and many injured because of the striking the mines.

Another person, Faghir Mohammad Shahbakhsh (known as Molla Pakir) son of Khodadad was arrested in september 2008 in ‘’Haj Abad’’ village by the security forces as well, and transferred to an unknown place. This village is geoghraphically suited in the neiborhood of ‘’Shouro’’ village.

His relatives have not been succeeded either to find out what has happened to him since he was arrested. They are though convinced that the reason for his arrest is that he is a close relative to ‘’Haj Shahbakhsh’’ who is one of the leader of armed groups in the region.

In the same report which has been obtained recently, it says that the security forces the attacked people living in the area where ‘’Gourok’’ village is suited in last week. In this attack, many persons were arrested and transferred to a yet unknown place. This attack was peformed right after beeing involved in an almost battle between the security forces and an unkown armed group.

Balochistan Human Rights Watch / Radio Balochi FM

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