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The United States of America finally acknowledged the rights of Baluch people

The United States of America finally acknowledged the rights of Baluch people
Reza Hossein Borr

The United States of America finally acknowledged the rights of Baluch people and condemned the Islamic Republic of Iran for its brutal oppression of the Baluch people. The acknowledgement was presented yesterday, 28.8.08, in the Persian part of the Voice of America, View from Washington. In this short broadcast which expresses the official views of US foreign policy, the US condemned the violations of human rights in Baluchistan and condemned the execution of journalist, Yaghoub Mehrnehad. At the end of the broadcast a short clip of President Bush was broadcast in which he announced his support for the people of Iran in their endeavour for establishing democracy and assured the Iranian people that they will succeed.

I have thrived to present the case of Baluchistan to all important writers, journalists, think tanks, governments and human rights organizations. A lot of my friends mentioned that I shall write in Farsi or Baluchi but I continued to write my articles in English and send them to the concerned authorities. These articles were also published in dozens of newspapers and Internet sites. I have received responses from different sources encouraging me to write more on Baluch and Baluchistan.

I am pleased that our efforts, I mean the efforts of every Baluch who has contributed somehow in the promotion of Baluch rights, are recognized now in many places.

The fact that the United States of America has officially supported the people of Baluchistan in their endeavour for achieving their goals is the product of many Baluch who have been engaged in exposing the violations of human rights in Baluchistan. All of us must continue this endeavour until we get our desired outcomes. We have to remember that nothing will come to us until we bring it to us.

Those who will never give up will always succeed.
All of us must appreciate the contributions of Masoud Baluch and Baluchistan Human Rights Watch in Sweden, Pahra blog, Taftan Blog, Dr Wahid Baloch, Balochi Cultural Fourm of Waja Amiri, Baluch political parties and activists and many others who have invested enormous energy, their own money and long hours to make the aspirations of the Baluch people known to the rest of the world.

Our days will come too.

Reza has sent you a RealPlayer video link:


View of US on Balochistan, minute, 1:57

Reza Hossein Borr
Balochistan Peoples Front
The Congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iran

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