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Balochistan Human Rights Watch: Ebrahim Mehrnehad, Baloch civil activist was sentenced to a term of imprisonment for 5 years

Balochistan Human Rights Watch: Ebrahim Mehrnehad, Baloch civil activist was sentenced to a term of imprisonment for 5 years

According to reports from the members of Balochistan Human Rights Watch (BHRW), Ebrahim Mehrnehad, the baloch civil activist and the younger brother of Ya’qoub Mehrnehad has been sentenced to a term of imprisonment for 5 years (3 years unconditional and 2 years conditional imprisonment). He was convicted, in Zahedan, to be guilty in beeing a national threat in first degree while he had no privilege of having any lawyer.

According to the investigation report performed by (Y.GH.) the reporter of Radio Balochi FM(Voice of BHRW) in Sarawan, Ebrahim has been subjected to ultermost torture methods, both physically and psychologically. Amongst he has been subjected to burning.

One of the most terrible torture method which has been committed against Ebrahim, was to experience how his brother, Ya’qoub was subjected to torture which has made a major negative impact on his physical and psychological state. An impact which has resulted in worsening his general health condition to ultermost critical. Therefore it is crucially important that he receives an urgent necessary medical care and aid.

We in ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Watch’’ are deeply concerned about his physical and psychological health condition, and consider the concerned authorities in Islamic Republic of Iran responsible for his life and fate.

However, in our opinion Ebrahim was convicted unfairly and received an unlawful and a wrongful sentence. Quite so because he has not commietted any crime, even under shadow of iranian official consitutional circumstances.

He has only performed civil activities for gaining the legal rights. That is exactly therefore crucially important that the Islamic Republic of Iran understands that the unfair convicting of civil activists with such a wrong basis, consequently, results in providing a very dangerous platform in civil society for more uncivil resistant activities and unrest. This, undoutedfully, will in long term be more harmful for the region, as a whole. ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Watch’’ calls therefore for an immediate uncondional release of Ebrahim.

It is worth mentioning that Ebrahim , once in 26.04.2007, his brother Ya’qoub and a number of other young civil activists were taken in custody in connection with a public meeting. The main mission of mentioned public meeting was only the interrogation of responsible authorities in Sistan and Balochestan about their doings. They were released all, except Ya’qoub Mehrnehad after 70 days of beeing in custody. Ya’qoub was chairman of “the association of youth’s justice voice”, and he unfortunately, despite of many calls from several international human rights watch groups and organisations, was sentenced to death defenceless, and the regime executed the sentence on 4 August 2008

Balochistan Human Rights Watch / Radio Balochi FM
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