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Balochistan Human Rights Watch: The life of five young Baloch is in danger – Possible conviction to death sentence

Balochistan Human Rights Watch: The life of five young Baloch is in danger – Possible conviction to death sentence
According to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s news agencies (1-2) , five young Baloch were put on “trial" Thursday 20th november 2008 in Zahedan. They were alleged to having link to ‘’Jundullah group’’.
The reports say that they made confessions to conducting the allegations while they described their activities which they defended as well. Furthermore, the reports say that the councels for the defence defended their clients and they asked the court for being lenient with the clients, since the clients have confessed to the crime while regretting. The convicted have confessed to conducting militant activities such as teaching, hiding and utilizing various military devices and being guilty in terror acitivities.
It is not first time nor the last time that the regime attempts to cover its real plan against innocent Baloch people, and once more tries to justify and legalize the mass arrestations. Commonly used tool by the regime is to come with false allegations such as having link to ‘’Jundullah group’’. Using this trick against the Baloch while subjecting them to the most unhuman barbaric torture methods is becoming more or less an everyday occurrence.
We in ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Watch’’ are convinced that once again the regime wants to cover the real background for the arrastations in Balochistan and therefore we are deeply concerned about the fate and the life of mentioned 5 young Baloch. We draw the attention of all freedom fighter/seeker individuals and organisations, the Amnesty International in particular to an urgent call for saving the life of these innocent persons.

Balochistan Human Rights Watch / Radio Balochi FM
توضيح: اين نامه به "آمنستي اينترنشنال "و ديگر سازمانهاي حقوق بشري فرستاده شده است
لينکهاي مرتبط م
اسامي تعدادي از جوانان بلوچي که در دو سال اخير دستگير و در زندانهاي جمهوري اسلامي بسر ميبرند
A list of some of the arrested Baloch in Iran (Between 2006-2008)رتبط
اسامي تعدادي از اعدام و کشته شدگان بلوچ توسط نيروهاي انتظامي رژيم جمهوري اسلامي ايران....اينجا را کليک کنيدA list of Baloch youth who killed by Iranian Regime in year 2005-2007 English)
صفحه خبرهای حقوق بشر بلوچ
Baloch Rights Watch News

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