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Balochistan Human Rights Watch: The Security forces in Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime kidnapped a Baloch man from Berahoui tribe from his home and

Balochistan Human Rights Watch: The Security forces in Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime kidnapped a Baloch man from Berahoui tribe from his home and returned his tortured and dead body to the family.
According to the reports obtained by activists in Balochistan Human Rights Watch, the security forces of Iraianian Islamic Republic in Zahedan, attacked a home in Zahedan Thursday 27th november 2008 at 8:00 and arrested two men ‘’Bahman Rigi’’ and ‘’Mohammad’’ son of Chakar from Berahoui tribe. Mohammad was beaten almost to death and unconsciousness while family members were winess to the brutality. The men were taken away and moved to an unknown place.
The family members, while extremely worried for the destiny of Mohammad, addressed the authorities for the reason why he was arrested and where he had been moved to. As it is commonly used procedure by the security forces, the family received no information about the case nor about the background. 4 days after the arrest Monday 1st december, the security forces contacted the family and explained that Mohammad was a ‘’Crystal’’ drug addict, and he has passed away because he had no access to the drug while he was in detention. The family was ordered to hurry up for taking his body, otherwise the body would be burried without further notice.
Mohammad’s family refuse all false claims from the security forces saying that he was a drug addict, and are sure that he died because of being subjected to extreme torture. Mohammad was 37 year old and father of 4 children. The family of Mohammad, flowingly, received the body. There were clear and extensively obvious physical traces on his body proving that he was tortured, such as cranial fracture, holes under his feet, bruise on his body and fractures between the fingers.
The security authorites, in addition, explained that Mohammad was involved in the ‘’episode of Ahmad-Abad Boulevard in Zahedan’’ (1) where several persons belonging to Jerizahi family of Rigi tribe were wounded and killed. As the security authorities have claimed, they received the intelligence report from Rigi tribe saying that Mohammad was involved in the episode, while the head members of Rigi tribe have denied any link between Mohammad and the mentioned episode, and in this regard, they consider it as a false accusation and as a tool and factor used by the regime for making conflicts between different Baloch families and tribes(2).
We in ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Watch’’ condemn the barbaric act of killing of inocent Mohammad and would like to draw the attention of all freedom fighter/seeker individuals and organisations to an urgent call for acting against the Islamic republic of Iran’s deliberate policy making more and more conflicts between different tribes and families in Balochistan.

Balochistan Human Rights Watch / Radio Balochi FM


2. http://www.radiobalochi.org/BH_Rights/BHRW_HokmeEdame2rigi_tafroqeBineTawayef081106.html

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