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Balochistan Human Rights Watch: Death Sentence against two brothers belonging to ‘’Rigi’’ tribe in Balochistan as part of Iranian Regime’s policy fo

Balochistan Human Rights Watch: Death Sentence against two brothers belonging to ‘’Rigi’’ tribe in Balochistan as part of Iranian Regime’s policy for ‘’ deleberately making conflict’’ among baloch tribes.

According to reports from the activists from ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Watch’’, two young baloh, brothers, ‘’ Jamshid Rigi’’ and Hamid rigi’’ sons of Chakar belonging to ‘’Rigi’’ tribe have been sentenced to death in Zahedan.
Friday evening 6th july 2007, Haji Ghafour Rigi (1)belonging to ‘’Rigi’’ tribe (Sindzahi family) was shot and killed by unknown gun men. However, it is well documented and as well as commonly well known that Islamic Republic of Iran deleberately conducts the policy of spreading and making conflicts between different baloch tribes and even between different family sections within the same tribe, the regime consequently started to spread rumours among the Sindzahi family section that Haji Ghafour was shot and killed by ‘’Jeri zahi’’ family section of ‘’Rigi’’ tribe. The regime, furtherly, started to incite the youngest son of Haji Ghafour to rebel against the Sindzahi Family section of ‘’Rigi’’ tribe, while, as it is said, he was armed by the regime for this purpose.
The youngest son of Haji Ghafour accompanied by Jamshid Rigi and two other , after a while, Monday evening 14th July 2008 attacked a house suited in Ahmad Abad Boulevard in Zahedan where an assembly was taking place with participation of several highly ranged persons from ‘’Jeri Zahi’’ family section of ‘’Rigi’’ tribe. During the attack some persons were killed while several were injured(2). ‘’Jamshid Rigi’’ who was accompanying the youngest son of ‘’Haji Ghafour’’ during this armed attack was arrested while the youngest son of ‘’Haji Ghafour’’ and two other involved persons were able to run away after the attack.
The security authorities of Islamic Republic of Iran in Zahedan, a few days later in order to furtherly escalate the episode, attack the home of ‘’Chakar Rigi’’, the father of Jamshid. During this attack, the security forces arrested ‘’Hamid Rigi’’ the 26 year old brother of Jamshid who never was involved in the latter attack where Jamishid had participated. The father of Jamshid, ‘’Chakar Rigi’’ was arrested later on.
Chakar, the father of Jamishid and Hamid, was subjected to such a sever torture procedure in the jail by security forces which has resulted in a sever spinal disability that has been followed by a movement disabilty on the lower part of his body. As if it was not enough for him, both his sons have just been sentenced to death few weeks ago.

As mentioned earlier, we all know by now that Islamic Republic of Iran deleberately contributes to making conflicts between different baloch tribes and even between different family sections within the same tribe. In order to highlight the issue and emphesize the role of regime on this fatal policy, we draw your attention to following examples:
1. The terror act of security forces commited against ‘’Delawar and Haibatullah Narouni’’ two persons from ‘’Naroui’’ tribe in1993 in Karachi – Pakistan. After committing this crime, the regime spread rumours among the Naroui tribe that ‘’Delawar and Haibatullah’’ had been killed by pople belonging to ‘’Shahbakhsh’’ tribe. This led to unfortunately several armed conflicts between the two mentioned tribes. These conflicts resulted in killing of Haji Jahangir Shahbakhsh and Mohammd Naroui, son of Malek Shah Khan and several other persons.
2. The armed conflict between ‘’Naroui’’ tribe and ‘’Rigi’’ tribe in 1997 was initiated and escalated by Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran in Zahedan and Bam. During this particular conflict, the Revolutionary Guard in Zahedan was cooperating with ‘’Rigi’’ tribe, while the Revolutionary Guard in Bam supporting ‘’Naroui’’ Tribe. During this conflict, Haji Saeed Naroui, Mansour Naroui and several persons from both tribes were killed.
3. The almost ‘’ever’’ lasting conflict between ‘’Gamshadzahi’’ tribe and ‘’Yar Mohammd Zahi’’ tribe which started by killing of ‘’Sardar Mohammad Sharif’’, the Clan leader of Gamshadzahi. He was killed by people belonging to ‘’Yar Mohammad Zahi’’ tribe supported by the Islamic Regime. Approximately, 9 years ago, ten persons belonging to ‘’Yar Mohammad Zahi’’ tribe had been killed by people from ‘’Gamshadzahi’’ tribe in the area of Dalbandein’’ in Pakistan which was the initiating factor for whole conflict.
4. Killing of Haji Baloch Khan Shahbakhsh in 1990 by Abdoul Rahman Shahuzahi who was strongly supported by the security forces of Iranian Islamic Regime. This led to a very gory conflict between these two tribes.
5. Killing of ‘’Ali Mohammad Azizi’’ (3)one of the highly ranged person in the ‘’Azizi’’ tribe in Ghasr Ghand – Nikshahr. He was killed by the security forces in 2007 for making and intiating conflict amnog different branches withing ‘’Azizi’’ tribe.
6. Killing of Haji Mohammad Omar Barakzahi, the sardar of ‘’Barakzahi’’ tribe in 2003. He was killed near Bazman – Iranshahr by the security forces of Islamic regime, and afterwards they made a huge propaganda procedure in order to blame two persons belonging to ‘’Zardkouhi’’ tribe for the killing of ‘’Mohammad Omar Barakzahi’’.
7. Killing of ‘’Haji Jalal Irandoust’’ a well known person in ‘’Meinan’’ area – Sarbaz. He was killed in 2005 by the security forces with cooperation with some of his close relatives , purely in order to make conflicts among different persons within the ‘’tribe’’. For further escalation of conflict, the security forces incited some of the close relatives to ‘’Haji Jalal’’ to fight against the other relatives and persons by giving them arms. They, unfortunately, 2-3 years later in februray 2008, killed 4 persons (Haji Moula Bakhsh Hossein Zahi, Taj Bakhsh Irandoust, Cheragh Mollazahi and Rostam Mollazahi) in the area between Sarbaz – Iranshahr.
Furthermore, there are hundreds of examples which document the fatal role of Islamic Regime in dissolving the historical solidarity between all tribes and nevertheless the very strong link among different family fractions within one tribe.

We in ‘’Balochistan Human Rights Watch’’, strongly, condemn the systematic fatal role and policy of Islamic Regime in order to make the conflicts between the tribes and and escalate the conflicts between them. In our point of view, it is a policy that the regime deleberately conducts for weakening the solidarity that historically has been a major important factor for the baloch nation in its entirely. Furthermore we urge you to call the regime for unconditional cancellation of death penalty of ‘’Jamshid and Hamid Rigi’’

Balochistan Human Rights Watch /Radio Balochi FM

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